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2031 Jackson Street Fort Myers, FL 33901
futuremakers coalition
The FutureMakers Coalition aims to transform Southwest Florida’s workforce by increasing the proportion of working-age adults with college degrees, workforce certificates, industry certifications and other high-quality credentials to 55%.
FutureMakers is a collective impact initiative working along the cradle-to-career pathway to create a skilled and sustainable workforce pipeline. The pathway begins with early childhood learning and ends with post-high school credential attainment and career connections. The coalition focuses on systems change to connect untapped workforce with the education and training to fill in-demand jobs by removing attainment barriers and creating a culture of career exploration and aspiration from an early age.
Post-high school education enhances social mobility and quality of life. Unfortunately, there are stark attainment gaps between populations throughout our region. The coalition uses a multigenerational approach to address disparities for traditional-age students and adults alike. To achieve our goal, we must align systems to be fair and work for everyone by closing achievement gaps between races, ethnicities, income levels, neighborhoods, and citizenship status.


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